What Are the Treatments for a 3 Month Old With a Cold?

As a parent if you have a three month old baby you are constantly worried if your child has a cold. They usually get it from other children or adults who do not wash their hands properly.  Since the baby is so little they are more sensible to germs that us or older babies. The most common signals which indicate that your baby has a cold are: nasal congestion and runny nose. Some women who had to learn what is in vitro fertilization and tried so hard to have a baby can be overprotective, fear losing the baby and get scared when he or she is sick. Here are some of the things which you can do to make your babies feel as good as possible when they have a cold. Don’t worry most of the solutions are easy to accomplish and they will help the baby;

Make sure that the room where your baby sleeps has the right humidity in the air. If you notice that cannot provide it consider buying a humidifier. This will make your baby breath better and thus sleep smoothly through the night. At this age you cannot give your baby medicine which means you just have to do with what you’ve got. Another good idea to improve your babies breathing is to hold him in your hands in a steamy bathroom.

Since they are too small to blow their nose on their own it is your task to help him. What you have to do is go to a pharmacy and purchase a nasal suction bulb. After you have bought it place it in the nose on the baby but depresses. Once you have done this you can gently let the bulb to expand thus getting all the mucus out. You might need to do this a couple of times in order to clean the nose. After you have finished clean the bulb by pressing it into a tissue.

Consider giving your baby some nasal slain drops in order to improve the breathing. They do no harm to the baby. What they do is thin the thick mucus which is hard to remove even with the nasal bulb. There is no limit when it comes to usage, you can use as many as you need. You can find them in any pharmacy and store. If you are one of those mother who had to learn what is in vitro fertilization or lost other babies, do not despair.

Make sure that your baby drinks enough liquids. He should drink the same amount of milk and juice as he would do if he was healthy. This way you prevent your baby from becoming dehydrated.

Summer Brownstein