Trying to conceive and Erectile Dysfunction


When people experience erectile dysfunction occasionally, it is frustrating and embarrassing. But if it goes longer then they know that they deal with a chronic problem and this can have a negative impact on their relationship. It can be an extremely stressful situation, not only for the person who experiences it, but also for their partner. But if the couple tries to conceive, then the stress caused by this issue is massive. The pressure on the couple to have intimate contact at a certain time is too much, especially for him, and there are cases when he cannot get an erection, maintain it, or ejaculate. And his partner is stressed out after months of trying. She does not want to blame him, but she is aware that she is fertile only for a couple of days every month, and they need to have sex then. And the more he tries to do the deed the worse it gets, so there are times when taking suhagra is the only thing that help them avoid conflict.

Take the focus from baby-making sex

If you see that you partner experiences this issue, you should take a month off, and have sex only because you like it. It is not allowed to talk about ovulation charts and kits. And in the following months you should not tell him when you are fertile. You should try to seduce him and have intimate moments when the time comes without telling him that the ovulation period came. This is not a strategy that works for every couple, but you should try it a few times to see if he feels better. Sometimes it helps your partner to know that he has a reason to treat his erectile dysfunction, sometimes he needs to be relaxed, so you should figure out what your case is.

He could try an erection treatment

In case the problem persist, then you should talk with your partner and visit a doctor, because they can prescribe him a pills treatment. But you should know that in this case it has to be proceeded with care, because the treatment should be used only for a limited period of time. In the majority of cases the pills are what he needs to restore his confidence and everything will work from that point on. However, you should inform the doctor that you are trying to conceive, because some pills may have an adverse effect on sperm. They will recommend you the right ones.

Try self-insemination

Some men have no issue to ejaculate through masturbation, but they have problems when it comes to penetrative sex. The majority of couples are relieved when they find out that there is an alternative, and they can collect some sperm and place it inside the vagina. There are special syringes on the market, the doctor can recommend you to use. They were designed especially for this purpose, and they come with the advantage that they feature a little cap that holds the semen close to the cervix for some time. It is not a romantic way to conceive, but it will help you get pregnant.

Summer Brownstein