Top 3 Baby Monitors

Baby monitors were specially designed with a single purpose: to increase the safety of children and make parents feel more relaxed and comfortable. Parents can have some peace of mind, knowing that their kids are safe. If you are planning to invest in a baby monitor but you don’t know where to start and what to choose, take a look at these popular baby monitors. You’ll definitely find one to suit your needs.

MobiCam DXR Touch

What makes the MobiCam DXR Touch one of the most popular choices for this year is the fact that you can add several other cameras to increase the surveillance coverage. This feature allows this baby monitor to raise up to the standards imposed by the best home security camera systems. You can view up to four locations within your home at the same time and you can also record what is displayed on the monitor. We like that the DXR Touch is extremely versatile. To view your baby, you can either use an AV adapter to watch footage on the television or connect it to a DVR. This baby monitor features an infrared technology that allows you to view images even during the night time. The infrared vision automatically starts when the night comes so you can keep an eye on your baby both during the day and the night. In addition, the wide-angle lens allows you to view a wider space of the room. We like that you can use this baby monitor as a way to keep in touch with your children via Skype, even when traveling to another city. When you’re at home you can use the two-way talk feature to communicate with your baby.

Motorola MBP36

The Motorola MBP36 comes with some impressive features, such as the two-way talk feature, built-in temperature monitor that makes you aware of the temperature in the room or the pan, scan and zoom camera that gives you more versatility when recording or taking snapshots of your baby. Completing daily tasks, such as cleaning the house, gardening or shopping for groceries while keeping an eye on your baby is very important. The main advantage of owning the MBP36 is the fact that it offers a wide range of 590 feet, so it allows you to stay in touch with your baby while you perform all of those daily tasks and house chores. We like that you can zoom in and out, pan and tilt the camera even when you are in another room. This baby monitor comes with volume controls and makes you aware of how strong the transmission signal is. The MBP36 also features a built-in thermometer, which is a popular feature among baby monitors.

Levana Jena

The Levana Jena comes with plenty of useful features, such as a two-way talk and a room thermometer. A good advantage of owning this baby monitor is the fact that it stays on for more than 8 hours so you won’t have to recharge it as often. The 500-foot signal transmission is more than enough to give you all the range you need. In addition, the night vision allows you to view the baby even in dark light conditions. If you have children that live in separate rooms, know that you can expand this system to four cameras so that you are able to monitor the activity that takes place during the day and night. It’s almost similar to a security camera. The only difference is that the security cameras provides even more surveillance coverage. You can also think of combining a baby monitor, like the Levana, with an efficient security camera for more protection. Contrary to popular beliefs, security cameras are not just a protection against burglars. The best home security camera systems can also be used for keeping an eye on the children when you are not home, for spying on the nanny and much more.

Summer Brownstein