Tips for Feeding a 1-Month-Old

The process of feeding your baby can be both a challenge and interesting. Feeding is one of the moment when mother and baby have their bonding time. You can not go wrong by choosing one method or the other you just have to find one that suites you and your baby. If you choose to breastfeed or if you choose to use a bottle your child will benefit from you affection the same. You can reduce the problems that might occur during feeding if you use this tips that we are going to present.

Almost all mothers choose to feed their babies using a bottle because it is easier and more natural that preparing the formula and warming the bottle. It is highly recommended that you feed your baby using you breast milk because it contain a lot of nutrients which help the baby stay healthy until him body develops his own immune system. According to specialists there are four types of breast feeding your baby and they are: side lying hold, cradle hold, clutch hold and cross cradle hold. Babies get hungry once every three hours.

The other alternative, breastfeeding, is a choice made by mothers who work or who can not to breastfeed. What they do is feed their babies with formula or put their breast milk into bottles and keep them into the refrigerator. If you want to get the breast milk our and put it into bottles you will need a breast pump. If you can not feed him breast milk that you should ask your doctor what is the formula which suites your baby. Even if you breast feed him or you give him formula you will need to feed you baby milk for the first six month of his life.

After and during the feeding of the baby you need to make him burp because this way he eliminates the gas from his stomach. A very efficient way to make your baby burp is to place him on your lap and using your hand lean him forward and gently pat him on the back until you hear a burp. He can burp on his own but no matter what he has to do it because if he does not he will become fussy and have stomach pains.

A baby of one month needs to be fed up to eight times a day. What is important is that you baby eats and gains weight as he should be.

Summer Brownstein