Things to Do With a 7-Month-Old Baby

By the time your baby reaches 7 month old he has settled with the routine you have improvised and also at this age he is very curious and ready to explore the world. Your baby is gaining new skills such as sitting on his butt, waving to you and crawling on the floor. With every skill learned your game opportunities grow which means that you can invent or introduce new games to your baby. Here are some games which your baby of seven months will absolutely love.

Playing with a ball
Babies who are seven month old are attracted to balls, the will love to roll them on the floor or to throw them in a container. First you have to buy your baby balls of different textures just so he can learn all the textures. Your baby will love to hear the different sounds they make according to texture.

This game brings everyone back to childhood. That being set it is a very fun game which your baby will love to play. All you have to do is cover your face with your hands or with a blanket and remove them from your eyes and say peekaboo. You can switch from time to time and cover your baby’s eyes insted of yours.

Playing in the sand
Buy your baby a sand box or take him to a park where there is one. Observe how your child learns the texture of sand. Give him some water so he can make different shapes and lets not forget about the accessories: shovel, bucket and shapes of animals or shells.

Playing with blocks
Building blocks are also a nice way to play for a baby of seven moths. He can do different things, he can pile them up and knock them down. As he get older you will notice that he will have a special satisfaction in filling a box and after emptying it.

Playing on the floor
Babies no matter what age love to play on the floor. All you have to do is place him on the floor and give him some toys but place them at different lengths. By doing this you are making him stretch and crawl so he can reach them. You can also place on the floor a blanket with which you baby can play.

These are a few things that you could do with your seven month old baby.

Summer Brownstein