The Stages of a One Month Old Baby

Most people think that not much thing can happen in a month but according to the specialists that is not true. Babies grow very fast during their first year of life which means that every month of the their lives add something new in terms of skills and emotional development. During the first days of the babies life all the things that they do are reflexes but as days pass they will develop communication skills both verbal and nonverbal. Next we are going to present you what should happen every week during the first month of a babies life.

The first week of a babies life mostly consist of adapting to his new environment, they make the transition from living nine months in the uterus to the new word which is outside of his mothers body. During this week most of the babies activities are reflexes which means that the parents can not observe much.

In their second week of birth they will start to make more controlled moves, voluntary. His mother will notice an increase in appetite and a spur of growth. They will sleep less and stay more awake which will be a challenging for the mother. By this week they will start to cry more.

During the third week of the babies life they will continue crying and they will not stop until they reach about six weeks old. At this moment they become more aware of what surrounds them and they can see objects which are up to 12 inches away from them. The baby will be able to see the person which holds them and also this is the moment when they start to be interested in toys. At this age you should give them bright colored toys appropriate for their age.

The last week of his first month he will experience his first tummy moment which will help him move his arms and holding his head up. During this period they will also start making new noises and will start to play with toys, toys which are appropriate for their age. Some babies may even start to smile and laugh but this is not a general thing for all babies.

This are the stages which should enfold in the first month of a baby’s life. Do not expect to see much changes in your baby during this period because they are still adapting to their new world.

Summer Brownstein