The link between marijuana use during pregnancy and mental disorders in children

For many to-be mothers out there, using marijuana during pregnancy may seem safe. However, a growing number of research papers and studies have shown damaging effects for both the baby and the mother. But today, we will focus on the damaging effects that marijuana use during pregnancy has on the baby’s mental health in the future.

The brain development process is a complex one

The developmental process of fetuses’ brain is incredibly complex and every small interference and disturbance can impact the neural connections in the baby, leading later in life to higher chances of developing an array of mental disorders, including struggling depression and anxiety. Environmental stressors like alcohol and tobacco are those most notorious for interfering with a healthy brain development, but pot could also take its rightful place next to those. Fetuses’ brain is highly vulnerable to THC, the main compound in marijuana. The chemical signals in THC interfere with a normal brain development, according to multiple recent studies.

Because marijuana interferes with a normal brain development, certain areas responsible for various abilities are likely to also be damaged in the process: learning, speaking, memory, addiction, emotion management and depressive thoughts. Most frequently, similar issues lead to an array of mental disorders, including addiction, especially because of the fact that addiction can run into families.

Higher depressive symptoms

A recent study has shown that prenatal use of marijuana in the first and third trimester can lead to higher depressive symptoms in children before they turn 10. As you may already know, an early onset of depression can lead to more complex and severe mental illnesses in the future. From those, experts wanted to outline delinquency and addiction.

Impulsive and hyperactive behaviors were also linked to prenatal use of marijuana. Similar conditions can impact the way in which the child will relate to others and how they function on a daily basis.

Ditching marijuana use before pregnancy is crucial

If you are struggling with addiction, particularly marijuana addiction, you should know that before getting pregnant, specialists recommend seeking treatment and therapy as soon as possible. This will help you offer your child the best start in life and prevent them from developing issues that interfere with a healthy and happy life. Addiction and mental illness can be easily prevented in many children as these can be caused by addictions of all kinds. Make sure that you seek professional help in alternative rehab centers if you struggle with similar issues.

Although in many users’ opinion, the risks associated with marijuana use are only minimal, recent studies have shown that, on the contrary, this addiction must be treated just as rigorously like any other types of addiction. For assuring a high living standard and quality to all users, experts advise that these individuals, besides seeking professional help, should surround themselves with understanding peers and try to identify the roots of their addiction. Recovery sanctuaries seem to work best in this regard.

Summer Brownstein