The Diet of an 8-Month Old Baby

When your baby turns 8 month old he is old enough to start eating with a spoon. This is the perfect time to introduce in your baby’s diet pieces of food, you can mix the pieces of food with the puree. Because by this time your infant has started to grab things you can let him eat with his hands the small pieces of food. Baby food is normally blended but you can change it with food made at home which you can blend bigger so your infant can feel the texture.

The priority in your baby’s diet is formula or breast milk, basically everything you give him should also contain one of this two. This is important because they still need the elements from the milk and the transition is smoother is they sense milk in it. At this age they need about 23 to 32 oz of breast milk or formula. The solid food which you are trying to present to your kid is more for fun and bonding than for eating. When your baby start to demand more solid food that formula or breast milk than this means that your baby is maturing.

The first thing parent usually give t heir babies are cereals. If you give them cereal they will get accustomed with anything from grains to barley. You can try and give you baby mixed cereal because this way you increase the vitamins and minerals you give to you infant.

Vegetables and fruits are also important. The quantity of fruits and vegetables your baby eats depends on the amount of solid food your baby wants. You can serve them at any meal of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can offer your baby solid fruits which are soft and do not require a lot of teeth. The products which you should avoid is fruits and vegetables which have seeds and also citrus fruits because they can upset your baby’s tummy. You should always wait a few days before you start introducing other fruits and vegetables because you do not want you baby to get confused and refuse them.

Proteins are also important in your baby’s diet. You should always ask you doctor before you give him a food which you do not feel 100% sure that it is good for him. At this point you should give him blended meat because they can not eat it in pieces.

Summer Brownstein