The Development of an 8-Month-Old Baby

By the time your baby reaches the age of eight months he starts to understand the world around him and also to interact with it. This is also the time when the baby learns how to move is different ways and express emotions in a more understandable way.

The normal weight of a 8 month old baby is around 14 to 17 pounds. It is a fact that boys weigh more than girls the difference begin about a pound. As far as height is concerned a baby this age should be between 27 to 28 inches. At this age the baby becomes more mobile, it can stand on its own and even develop the skill of crawling through the room. Since your baby is starting to explore the house make sure that it is baby proof because you do not want you child to get hurt.

When it comes to mental development you baby of only 8 months will start speaking, it will be able to say mama and dada. Another interesting thing is their capability to understand words such as ‘no’ which he could not do up until this age. He will also use words to identify its parents and understand the fact that an action has a certain response.

At this age your child will change its mood according to the people around him. When there are strangers present you baby will become uncomfortable and scared. They will change from being loving and happy in the presence of their parent to a opposite mood which includes crying when a stranger comes into the picture. At this age you baby does not understand the fact that when you leave him you are going to come back. What you need to do, in order to make him feel safe, is give him a blanket or a stuffed animal.

At the age of eight months you baby will start eating something else besides breast milk or formula. The number of calories per day is about 750 to 900 calories. You can start to include in their diet normal food such as: mashed potatoes, gelatine and egg yolks. Do not introduce him many new products per day, you should give him one every three days just so he can adjust to the new. Besides food the breast milk or formula will still be present in your baby’s diet, per day they need about 7 to 8 ounces of milk.

Summer Brownstein