The Development of a 5-Month-Old Baby

It is amazing to watch how your baby grows in front of your eyes. Day by day your baby becomes more energetic and keen on learning as much as possible. They start to develop new skills and are able to understand more things around them. Not all babies develop the same, every baby has its own rhythm. They baby starts to develop new skills from five month old and it iv very important that you encourage them.

By the time a baby reaches the age of 5 months he is able to make the difference between three types of color: primary, secondary and bright colors. Her moving skills are evolving to the point where he can splash the water while in the tub, he can play with toys by grabbing them or reaching and grabbing one, he can play with its toes and fingers. He starts to know the meaning of cuddling, and he enjoys that and he likes baths.

At four months old your baby will be able to learn his own name and turn when you are calling him. His flexibility also improves because he starts to roll around and also starts his first intentions to walking by pushing himself up using his hands and knees. This is the age when he will start to walk, you can help him by supporting him to stand up until he can do it on his own. At five month he also find delight in playing with toys and seeing which button does what.

Some advanced skills that he will pick up are related to objects, speaking and recognizing. At this age your baby will be very keen on putting object in his mouth just so he can see how they taste and learn them by touching them. He will start to recognize his mother and become very insecure when she in not around also he will be able to tell the difference between strange people and the members of his family. Speaking will be a skill that you, as a mother, will love, he will start to say things like mama and dada.

Because he is starting to develop all this skill it is your job to support him and help the develop them. Spend time with him playing and speaking to him, give him toys that he can put in his mouth and throw on the floor and also encourage him in everything that he does.

Summer Brownstein