The Best Toys for Six-Month-Old Babies

When you have a baby it is very important that you give him the right toys. If you have a six month old baby you should give him toys which are age appropriate because you do not want to frustrate him or confuse him. Babies need to be stimulated during this important period of their lives and the best way to do this is through toys. When you go buying for toys you should pay very attention to safety. Avoid giving him toys which have sharp edges because at this age they put almost everything in their mouth in order to reduce the pressure of the teeth.

Imitative toys

At six months babies like to imitate their parents or the people who are taking care of them which is why it is very important to provide them with toys which look like items you have in your house. For example, you can buy them cell phones, keys, pots and mixing bowls. You can also let you baby play with the real things but not for too long because they can be dangerous. Do not let your baby play with your cell phone because you do not want to risk him breaking it. You should not let him play with your key both because they are dirty and babies can get hurt because of their sharp edges.

Stacking toys

These types of toys help your baby recognize different shapes and sizes and the ability to recognize colors. By playing with them they will learn how to stack objects according to size. You can also offer him nesting toys, the ones in which you have to put the elements one in the other. A good example of stacking toys are the cones with rings while a good example of stocking are cups or boxes which fit one on top of the other.

In time babies build up a relationship with their toys especially because they are left alone in their crib during bedtime. They ideal toys for naps are stuffed animals and blankets. We advice you that you buy stuffed animals which do not have attached parts because babies can easily get chocked with parts of toys. The thing is that buttons or eyes can get loose from the toys and your baby, because he is curious, will pick it up and put it in his mouth.

Summer Brownstein