Suggested List of Foods for an Eight Month Old Baby

Giving your eight month old baby something other that milk can be a challenge to any mom because you do not want to give him something that it is not age appropriate but at the same time you want to diverse his meal. Another thing mothers worry about when they start giving their babies food are allergies. You should know that there is a list of foods which is age appropriate and from which you can pick whatever you feel your baby would like. One thing they all have in common is the fact that they are served pureed or mashed since your baby doe not have teeth yet. Every baby is different which means that they have different taste in food and different ways of chewing it.

The first food on our list are fruits. They are very popular and loved by babies. There are fruits which you can serve them pureed and there are fruits which you can serve into small pieces. The fruits which you can serve mashed or puree are: mango, pears and apples, all you have to do is mash them and heat them a little bit until they become soft. The fruits which can be served into small pieces are: grapes, bananas, kiwi and avocado.

The second food on our list are vegetables. They bring a lot of nutrients which your baby needs is his growth process. You should give him green vegetables such as beans and broccoli, steam them and mash them into a smooth puree. Finger food help your baby to learn how to eat, from vegetables you can choose from: peas, squash, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potatoes. Carrots are very good for your baby’s health, you should boil them till they become soft after which mash them and serve the puree to your baby.

Babies love grains which is good because they are very good for them. For an eight month old baby you can choose: bagels cut into small pieces, noodles with a light sauce, macaroni and cereals which can be from oat to barley. Cereals which most babies enjoy are the ones which are shaped like an O.

Last but not least we have proteins. You can give him only egg yolks, small cooked pieces of chicken, ground turkey or beef and beans. These are the main food which provide you baby the right protein.

Summer Brownstein