Solid Foods for a 5 Month Old Baby

Specialists recommend mothers to start giving their baby solid food after they have reached 6 months. Solid food is not necessary at such an early age because they get the nutrients and vitamins they need from breast milk or formula. Another motive why it is not recommended to give your baby solid food at the age of five months is because they digestive system is not fully developed. Also solid food can cause allergic reactions to babies which is why you should wait a little bit longer so their immune system can fight it better. However there are some parents who choose to give their babies solid foods earlier. If you are one of those parents here are some of the foods which you can give him: grains, vegetables and fruits. These are the ideal choices because they are easy to digest and also because they are very tasty.


If you plan on giving you baby grains you should start with rice cereal because they are easy to digest and they do not cause allergic reactions. These cereals should not be given as such, you should mix about one spoon of cereal with three or four spoon of breast milk or formula. Mix them until you get a smooth consistency. By giving the cereal a liquid consistency your baby will be more open to eating it.


The best fruits for babies are apples and bananas. All you have to do is chop them into small pieces and blend them. An additional thing which you have to do for apples is steam them until they become soft and then blend them. If you notice that the puree is too thick add some water just to make it runnier. Bananas do not need any steaming because they are soft by nature, you can add if you like some breast milk and that is all.


When it comes to vegetables you should choose only the ones which are easy to digest. One vegetable which you can give him is the carrot, it has a lot of fibers and it is very easy to digest. Since they are sweet by nature your baby will like it. A plus for you is that they will not get any allergic reactions. What you should do is peel them, chop them into small pieces and steam them. After you have steamed them put them in the blender and mash them, add water is the composition is too thick.

Summer Brownstein