Social and Emotional Development of 0- to 2-Month-Old Babies

Babies who have reached the age of 2 months old are more aware of the people and the world around them. Between 0 and 2 months they start to interact with their parents, begin making noises and even start to smile. As they get older they start to develop both emotional and social. Because at this age babies do not talk it is very hard to read their emotions and demands. What we can do is observe their facial expressions and the sounds they make.

According to specialists in this period babies begin to smile and start moving their eyes where they see movement. As they move up to 2 months they start to increase their alert level and turn when they hear sounds.

We know for a fact that a baby establishes its personality starting as early as 1 month old. They learn very fast, for example:by the age of 2 months they can associate smiling with happiness and different interactions with their mother and father.

The vision of babies between 0 and 2 months old is very sharp, they can see up to one foot in distance. They can see the one in front of them very clearly which is very important when interacting with love ones such as singing, laughing or talking.

Up until they reach 2 months babies do not really have a schedule, everything is kind of hectic. One day they can be very calm and understanding and the next they be very fussy and cranky. You will be able to develop a schedule only after your baby is two months because that is the age where he needs a routine.

You should always keep in touch with your pediatrician if you have any misunderstandings. You can call him if you observe that your baby is not gaining weight or if he is not developing as he should be. Do not panic over every little thing, babies develop differently, some faster than others. If you have any questions regarding the development process at a emotional and social level that you should consult your babies doctor.

These are the things that you should observe at your baby until the age of 2 months. It is very important for a mother to know what are the stages of emotional and social development. Enjoy this moments because they are very precious.

Summer Brownstein