Sleeping Habits of a One-Month Old Baby

If you have a baby as old as one month that you should know that at this age they do not have a sleeping schedule simply because they cannot make the difference between day and night. At one month a baby will react every time he needs something: he will cry when he wants something and sleep when he is tired. This is a cycle which repeats every 24 hours. As a parent or caregiver you should be there to tend to your babies needs until he is old enough to develop a sleeping schedule.

At this fragile age a baby can sleep up to 16 hours per day but in fragments. He will probably sleep about three hours per nap during the day and night. This means that you will have to get used to getting up during the night at least a couple of times.

To make sure that your baby has a good nap look for signs which indicate that he is tired. Not putting him to sleep when he asks will make it even harder for you to put him to sleep later. The signs you should be looking for are rubbing of the eyes, pulling ears and overall fussiness. When you notice one of this signs you should place your baby in its crib and wait by his side until he falls asleep. Another thing you should know is that babies do not sleep for more than two hours which is why you should pay attention to your babies sleeping habits. By doing so you will be able to plan your day easier.

When it is time for bed but your baby does not show signs that he is tired you should encourage him to go to bed. You can do that by reading him a story or by singing him a lullaby. After a while he will start to associate the singing with bedtime. If your baby doe not want to sleep at all that you should give him a bottle or warm milk, this will relax him and make him sleepy.

You will see that as your baby grows older he will sleep for longer periods of time and even develop a schedule. He will be able to make the difference between day and night which means that he will have the ability to know when it is time to sleep.

Summer Brownstein