Infant Development at 4 Months

Every baby has its own rhythm of developing. You do not have to worry that your baby is developing different that the other baby’s because for him it is very normal. In spite of all this there are some elements which develop the same at all children, those are the ones you should be paying attention. If you consider that your baby has some problems in his growth than go to the doctor and ask him if there is something wrong. Here are some things that your baby should be able to do, will probably be able to do and what he may be able to do.

Should be able to do

When you have a four month old baby he should be able to do a couple of things which indicate you that he is developing normally. The first thing that he should be able to do is having the capacity to follow objects with his eyes, the objects begin at no more than six inches away from him. The second this is him ability to raise his head, he should be able to raise him head at 90 degrees while sitting on the tummy.

Will probably do

A child of four months will probably be able to lift his chest up by using his hands. He will also probably be able to keep his head right and steady. Your baby will also have the ability to reach out for toys and small objects.

May be able to do

At four months your baby may be able to stay straight when he is in the sitting position, he could turn his head to the place where a sound in coming from and roll over while sitting on the belly on his back.

As we said at the beginning every baby develops in his own natural way which is why in some situations a baby of four months may develops skills which are not specific for his age, such as: lifting his body on his own in sitting position and bare some weight on his legs.

Since you have a small baby you know that it is very important to take it to the doctor about every month. When you go to a check up your doctor will ask you how you and your family are doing. After this he will ask you what are your baby’s sleeping and eating patterns. The last thing will be weighing him and measuring him just to make sure that he is developing normal.

Summer Brownstein