How to Train a Four Month Old to Sleep

If your baby has reached four months than that means that he is ready to be trained to sleep at certain hours. According to baby specialists babies between three and six month naturally develop a sleeping schedule and they no longer need to be fed at night. By the time they reach four months they will be able to sleep up to six hours a night but if you train them you can make them sleep all night.

Take into consideration putting up a bedtime routine. The routine can consist of bathing, singing to him, reading a story, giving him a massage with baby oil and remember to put him to sleep every night at the same hour. If you do this schedule he will know when it is time for bed and it will be easier for you to get him to sleep.

Make your baby understand what is the difference between day and night. What you should do is fill the daytime with activities: take him to the park, bath him, feed him and play with him. Switch this activities at night with restful activities. During the day keep him active and during the nigh do activities which induce sleep, this way your baby will make the difference between day and night. By doing this he will respond better when it is time for his nap.

Activities which are suitable for bedtime are: pull the blind to create a more relaxed environment and shut the light out in the baby’s room. When it is time to wake up fill the room with light just so he can associate the two extremes with day and night.

Make sure that your baby gets enough food. A baby with a full stomach will sleep better and longer, if they are not properly fed they will get up every three hours and start to cry. If his diet consist of food full of minerals and vitamins your baby will be calmer and ready to go to sleep when it is time.

Do not let him sleep for too long during the day because he will not be able to sleep properly when it is bedtime. You should wake him after three hours of sleep during the day. Do this and you will have no problems with your baby during the night.

Summer Brownstein