How to Put a Newborn Baby to Sleep

Not all babies have the same sleeping pattern, some may sleep easier than others and some have a problem in relaxing while other do not. No matter what kind of problem your baby has with its sleep the techniques for relaxing him and get him to sleep are the same. The key element in all this is to be consistent in helping your baby go to bed because for them rest in very important especially when they are newborns.

To know when your baby wants to sleep you have to look for signs. If you see that the baby starting to rub his eyes, yawns and refuses eye contact than it is time for him to go to bed. Another thing that you should know is that newborn babies do not stay awake for more than 90 minutes, 2 hours tops.

Another thing that can prevent you baby to go to sleep is a dirty diaper. Change your baby’s diaper when it gets dirty and make sure that he is ready for bed in comfortable baby clothes. While the baby is awake place him into the crib and give him his pacifier if he wants it. It is recommended that they sleep in the crib and not anywhere else because this reduces SIDS risks.

Babies like white noise which means that it is a good idea to play them while they are trying to fall asleep. Turn on the white noise machine or if you have an alarm clock it may have a function for white noise. If you do not have on consider buying one.

If your baby want to you can swaddle him. You can do that by taking a blanket on a surface and fold one corner, that is the place where you will be placing the babies head, and after this wrap the baby in the blanket. Take your baby into your arms and walk him until he falls asleep.

Temperature is also important for the baby. In order for him to be able to sleep you should have a room temperature of 75-80 degrees. Meals are also important in putting a baby to sleep. Most newborns have an easier time falling asleep after they’ve eaten. If you have started diversifying your baby’s menu, you might want to try out some quick soup recipes. Warm liquids have a positive impact on babies as they can help them relax. If on the other hand, your baby is too young for some quick soup recipes, you can get similar results if you feed your baby warm tea (camomile being the most recommended one).

This is how you can get your newborn to sleep. You have a lot of options and we are sure that one of them is going to work.

Summer Brownstein