How to Play With a 4-Month-Old Baby

When a baby reaches four month that means that he is more interactive and really enjoyed playing with you and toys. In this article we are going to present you a few ways on how to play with a baby this age.

Our first game involves you taking two squeak toys and holding them in your hand. When you squeak one you baby should be able too look at the hand that made the sound. As he gets older he will be able to squeeze the toys with both hand at the same time.

Another funny game which your baby will love is peekaboo.For this game all you need is a blanket which you will place on you head. After you have done that come out from under the blanket and boo your baby, your baby will enjoy it and start to laugh. An alternative is placing your hand on your baby’s eyes and remove them while smiling at him.

This game involves a rattle and it will help your baby exercise grasping and stretching. All you need to do is hold it far away so he can reach it.

A good exercise game is placing your baby on a safe surface only in his diaper. Before you place him on the surface get him undressed and leave him only in his diaper. He will be able to more free without any clothe restrictions.

Another game which your baby will love is taping her voice. All you have to do is record your baby’s voice and after which play it back. Watch the reaction on your baby’s face, you will see that she will start to smile.

Blowing bubbles is also a good game for a four month baby. It is a very easy game, your baby will enjoy watching the bubbles flow. Just make sure that they do not get the soup in their moth so blow the balloons at some distance from them.

When you are picking a game let you baby do this because you want him to have a good time. If you have any worries about your baby’s development you should ask your doctor. If you see that the baby is not enjoying the activity that you picked then you should switch to another activity or try another day.

Summer Brownstein