How to Make a Schedule for a 4 Month Old

When you have a baby the first months of its life can be a little hectic mainly because you constantly have to feed him, check up on him, change dippers and guess what your baby wants when he cries in a certain way. In the first months of a baby’s life you have to adjust with your new family member and keep up with the constant changes. By making a schedule for your four month old baby you will be able to coordinate your activities better and at the same time establish a routine for your child. It will make your life easier simply because you can predict certain action of your baby and it also help him because he can make the difference between day and night.

The first thing you have to do is observe your baby’s actions such as: when he sleeps, when he eats and he is active. By writing down when these actions occur you will be able to make a schedule. It is important that you do this because it will make your life easier.

You should schedule your baby’s bedtime when he normally goes to sleep. You can observe when he is ready to go to sleep because he will start rubbing his eyes and become less active. Do not let your baby get too tired because that will make it even harder to put him to sleep. Another thing which you should avoid is putting him to bed in the evening or just before his bedtime. This will make him sleep less during the night.

You should also include a small routine in your baby’s bedtime. Since he is so small giving him a bath, reading him a story and putting him to bed is enough. The advantage to this is that after a while he will associate this routine with sleeping which means that he will know when it is time for him to sleep.

A routine is not only for bedtime you can include one in the morning. No matter if you stay at home or if you take him to day care you can put up a shot schedule. You can include activities such as: feeding, getting him dressed and playing.

It is very important to pay attention to playtime because this is the time when the baby learns and consumes all its energy. It is also important for you because you can get him tired so that he can sleep better.

Summer Brownstein