How to Get Your 2-month-old to Sleep Better

If you are a parent and one of your children is a 2 month old baby than you must have a tough time sleeping through the night. It is hard at this age for you as a parent because you cannot rest and you are always tired. Most people do not go and check their babies every time they start to cry because they know that it is not something serious, they just got up. They let their baby cry it out and only visit them at certain periods. On the other hand there are other parents who cannot bare the fact to let their baby cry, if you are one of them than we are here to tell you that there are some things that you can do in order to get a good night sleep. There are several methods but your baby will react only to a couple which is why you have to test each and one of them until you find the ones which best suit him.

If the night is the period of the day when you want to get more sleep than you should encourage your baby to stay awake more during the day. He will need his naps during the day but do not let him sleep for too long. If you have a two month old baby than he will need up to three naps during the day. What you have to do is avoid letting your baby sleep for more than three hours during the day and avoid putting him to sleep in the evening or close to his bedtime.

If you want your baby to make the difference between day and night at this age you should get yourself some dark curtains for the windows. When you make the room dark even if it is not dark outside he will know that it is time for bed.

It is ok to keep your baby awake so that he will sleep longer during the night but make sure that you don’t overdo it. Look for signs which indicate the fact that your baby is tired and wants to go to sleep. Each baby has its own way of telling you this but the most common signs are rubbing of the eyes or pulling of the ears. Once you are sure that your baby is tired prepare him for bed.

Summer Brownstein