How to Get an 9-Month-Old Baby to Sleep on His Own

When you have a baby I immediately realize that your life is going to change. In the first few months of his life your whole schedule is going to be upside down because he is the one who will me making it. When your baby reaches nine months old your life starts to get easier and you are able to sleep more during the night. However this does not happen by nature, you have to make him a personalized schedule which in the end will become a routine. If you do not know where to start we are here to give you some advice on how to make your nine month old baby to sleep on his own.


The first thing you have to do is keep your baby active all day long but make sure that you do not exhaust him. You should make his naps shorter in order to sleep more during the night. The primary motive why babies do not go to sleep is because they still have energy to consume. You can fix that now by doing what we have told you earlier, you can include: games, singing and reading in your daily activities. If you plan all this activities by the end of the day will baby will consume all his energy and he will be ready for bed.

Before putting him to sleep you should establish a routine. This way he will make the difference between day and night and he will know when it is time for bed. You can include in the routine simple activities such as: bathing, reading him a story or singing him a lullaby and putting him in his crib waiting until he falls asleep.

Some babies have a hard time going to sleep even if they are exhausted. In this case your should let them find their comfort zone and give him some warm water or milk. The milk or the water will help him relax and make him sleepy.

Make sure that you do not wake him up during the night because you will have a hard time putting him back to sleep. If you want to check up on him do not turn on the light or make loud noises because he will wake up.

If you want your baby to sleep on his own these are some of the thing you should do.

Summer Brownstein