How to Feed New Born Babies

Newborn babies are a handful because they need a lot of thing to be made for them, such as: bathing, diaper changing, putting him to sleep and feeding him all day. Newborns eat a lot during the day, the eat once every two to three hours which means that the total number of meals reaches between 8 and 12. At first feeding your baby may seem quite a changeling but as you get the hang of it you will notice that all he needs is attention and patience. Here is how you breastfeed your newborn baby.

When it is time for the babies meal you should first find a comfortable place to sit on like as sofa or chair. If you have too feed your baby and you are in a public place you can place a blanket over the breast so as to feel more comfortable.

After you have found a comfortable place let your baby do its thing. You should know that the baby’s mouth should cover not just the nipple but also the aureole. Do not panic because it will take some time before you and your baby get the hang of it. If you encounter problems you can seek advice at a lactation consultant.

There is no specific quantity of milk that your baby will want you just have to wait until she gets full. You will know when you baby is done when your baby stops sucking and moves her head away from your breast.

It is recommended that you alternate breastfeeding from one breast to the other. This is advisable because this way you prevent engorgement. There are two ways to do this: you can alternate breasts during the feeding or you can alternate by feeding him once with one breast and the next time with the other breast.

Make sure you feed your baby whenever he gets hungry and do not leave him until he starts crying because then you will have a hard time calming him. Babies who drink breast milk get hungry faster that the ones who eat formula. However breast milk is recommended because it digests easier.

After he has finished eating make sure he burps. Simply place him on your shoulder and patty him gently on the back. To prevent any liquids that can get on your clothes from the babies mouth place a clean cloth on your shoulder.

Summer Brownstein