How to Encourage Learning for a 3 Month Old Baby

A baby starts to learn as soon as he is born. His first steps to learning are grasping a finger or recognizing the voice of the one who cares for him and touches him, even gazing into a person’s eyes contributes to their brain development. When a baby reaches 3 month he is more active and stays awake for longer periods of time in which: they laugh, reach for toys, giggle and laugh when they are entertained. The mother has the option to encourage his learning. 

In order to exercise your baby’s movement put him on your tummy for 30 minutes every day. You can continue the precess by moving him on a blanket also on his tummy. Just to make him feel more comfortable place some toys around them so they can feel more comfortable. You should pick toys which have different textures so that the baby feels attracted to them also as they get older you will need to increase the number or the toys you give him to approx 6.

Encourage your baby to speak to you. You can start by asking him questions and answer to the sounds that he makes. By speaking and smiling to him you make him more receptive to your words and sounds. You can make a little experiment, change the sound of your voice or of the sound you make just so you can see his reaction.

A way in which you can make your baby exercise his facial expressions is through a mirror. Simply place a mirror in his crib and watch him making faces and sticking his tong out. You can also try a cute funny game in which you hide a toy under a blanket and pretend like you do not know where it is. As you will look for your toy your baby will watch your movements and react when you are closer to finding it. If you repeat this process you will observe that the baby will start looking for the objects on his own and learn what is permanence. Soon, you can also let him watch TV for a couple of minutes at a time, putting some cartoons on, to see how it reacts to them and how he learns to pay attention to what’s in front of him.

This are the few thing that you could do to encourage your 3 month old baby to learn. It is important to keep in mind that this has to be fun for you and your baby.

Summer Brownstein