How to Bathe Newborn Babies

Giving a newborn a bath can be quite a challenge because they are fragile and most mothers are not prepared. For many mothers this may be their first child and for other just holding him represents a challenge. As scary as it looks it is actually very easy to bathe a newborn, this is a time you can use to get closer to your baby and create that special bond.

Before you get him in the water there are a few things that you should make sure are in order. The first important things that your should do are: prepare your towels, make sure you have dry clothes, make sure that the temperature in the room in just right and have a diaper prepared. Make sure that you place the infant tub closer to the place where the towels and clothes are.

The next thing that you should do is prepare some warm water for the infant tub. You can test if the water is just right is you touch with your elbow the water. The water should not be too hot because the babies skin is very sensitive. The water in the tub should be max. 2 inches.

Once you have finished this you can pick up the baby, get him undressed and place him carefully into the water. Do not dump him in the water place him gently in the water so that he can get used to the temperature. Sustain his head and neck while you do this. If your baby starts crying and gets really scared consider living the diaper on so that he can feel a little bit secure.

Now you can start cleaning him. To do that take a soft cloth and start with the face and lower yourself to the dirty parts. Whatever you do don’t put soap in your cloth. After you have finished bathing him move to the hair. Use the water in the tub and clean it with a smooth shampoo destined for babies.

When the bath is over take the baby out of the tub and place him on the clean cloth. The first thing you should do in cover his head with the towel and dry his skin by patting him with the towel. Use some baby lotion to make his skin smooth, put a diaper and get him dressed.

Now you know how to properly bath your baby.

Summer Brownstein