How Much Should a Two Month Old Eat?

Babies are very fragile during their first month of life which is why mothers should be very attentive and caring. No matter if this is have another baby or if this is your first you should know how to properly feed your baby. There are some steps which are vital that you know because during this early stage you baby is going to need a lot of energy in order to develop.

If you have a two month old baby you should know that at this age his stomach cannot digest solid food. Since he is so little his digestive tract is still developing which is why you should only give him liquids. You also have to pay attention on how much food you baby needs in order to provide it. One way you can test if you baby has had enough to eat is by feeling you breast after feeding, if the breast is soft than this means that you baby has eaten enough if not than you should continue feeding him. If you have chosen to breast feed your baby that you can keep track on how much you baby eats by looking at the calibrated bottle in which you put the milk. Besides all this you should regularly weigh your baby to see if he is gaining between 5 and 8 oz a week as normal.

At this age you baby will need to be fed every two or three hours which means that he will be eating up to 12 times a day. At only two months you baby is consuming a lot of calories because they are constantly developing and curios. Which is why you should provide him with the nutrition he needs.

On important thing when it comes to feeding is looking for signs that your baby is hungry. They will often open their mouths and stick their tongue out. Another sign that it is time to eat is when your baby puts his fists into his mouth. Some babies get fussy when it is time to eat but this depends on the personality of the baby.

If you do not know how much you should feed your baby specialists say that you should feed him until you breast is empty or about 15 minutes. Do not be afraid that you are giving him too much milk because you body will produce as much as you baby needs.

Summer Brownstein