How Can Erectile Dysfunction Pills Affect a Couple’s Chance of Getting Pregnant?

Modern society usually drives us to lead unhealthy and overly busy lifestyles. The high level of stress that most people constantly deal with can severely affect any person’s sexual appetite. Furthermore, few couples nowadays have children before they are 25. As such, when deciding to have a baby, a lot of couples are confronted with age and stress related reproductive challenges. Although these challenges resonate emotionally with women, men are affected even worse as they feel less confident about their manly hood once they deal with the failure to conceive. This pressure can result in erectile dysfunctions, a controversial subject of which few men are willing to speak openly. When in these situations, a lot of men are considering erectile dysfunction pills. Nevertheless, a lot of people worry that such pills could affect a man’s fertility even more. Furthermore, can we know for sure that if you were to conceive under the influence of such a pill, the baby would turn out to be perfectly happy? Lets tackle some of the most popular debates regarding fertility and erectile dysfunction pills.

What are erectile dysfunction pills and how do they work?

Erectile dysfunction pills experienced a popularity burst in the 90s. Since then, their popularity has been on a continuous ascendance. The most popular such pills are the synthetic drugs but they are not the only available option. The main ingredient contained by these types of pills is Sildenafil, an ingredient which increases blood flow in certain areas of the body. Sildenafil is also used for improving exercise capacity and for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Sildenafi studies regarding fertility

There are countless studies that show that aside from treating sexual disorders, Viagra also increases sperm count and sperm motility. Since low sperm counts and decreased sperm mobility are two of the main causes of male impotence, a lot of people and even fertility clinics have started using synthetic enhancement drugs as an impotence treatment. However, recent studies have shown that these types of drugs and other pills which contain similar ingredients can affect the quality of sperm and thus decrease a couple’s chances of having a child. Therefore, while it increases sperm count, synthetic enhancement drugs can sometimes damage the sperm, leaving it unable to impregnate an egg. It is very hard to determine Sildenafi’s effect of a male’s fertility because people who choose this drug as a treatment are already having fertility problems.

Synthetic drugs and pregnancy

The effects of synthetic enhancement drugs over pregnancy are also still under debate. For starters, most of these treatments are listed under the FDA pregnancy category B. This means that these drugs are not supposed to harm an unborn baby. On the contrary, a recent study that took place in New Zeeland, has shown that drugs containing Sildenafi which improves circulatory stimulation can also improve the development of a fetus. In simple terms, a lot of pregnancy losses occur due to the fact that the arteries that feed the placenta can’t always supply all the blood that the baby needs for an optimal development. By stimulating the circulation of the uterus and by relaxing the arteries, Sildenafi type treatments could help fetal growth. The clinical trial for this study is expected to start any time soon.

Natural alternatives to synthetic drugs

Despite the fact that synthetic drugs are the most well known sexual disorder treatments, they are not the only ones. There are countless all natural remedies out there that tackle the same problems as the miracle blue pills as well as several others. One of the best such products is called Vigrx. You can find out more about this natural remedy on the vigrx plus reviews site. Also sold in the shape of a pill, Vigrx contains solely natural ingredients which come with no side effects whatsoever. Whenever you are dealing with a health problem, be it sexual of otherwise, it is always better to first try natural remedies before resorting to chemical treatments. If you don’t believe us, you should visit the vigrx plus reviews site in order to discover what countless others have discovered before. Natural remedies can often be more successful than synthetic drugs and they don’t come with any side effects.

Summer Brownstein