Health guidelines for couples trying to have a baby

The decision of having a baby is an important step for any young couple at the beginning of their life together since a newborn will change their lives completely both on professional and personal life. However, many couples encounter problems conceiving a baby mostly because of the bad habits that in the long run damage their health conditions and the fertility of both of the partners is starting to develop some problems. When you are trying but having difficulties in conceiving a baby, stress and disappointment start to appear and this might affect your relationship with your partner. Read below what both you and your partner should do in order to improve your health condition before trying to have a baby.

Start exercising

Exercising is a great way to maintain and improve your physical and mental health. Moreover, it improves the hormone balance and the blood flow which increases the chances of getting pregnant. Infertility can be overcome using sports such as cycling, swimming, and light jogging.   

Improve your eating habits

Snacks and fast food are easy to find and delicious but they have a strong negative impact on your physical health because of all the chemicals and substances that they contain. If you want to keep your body healthy and boost your fertility, you need to stop eating unhealthy foods and introduce foods that contain a lot of nutrients instead. Fish, eggs, broccoli, and spinach are only a few of the aliments that are known for improving the fertility of both men and women.

Reduce stress and anxiety

The mental condition of any of the partners has a lot of influence on the fertility level. Stress and anxiety tend to reduce the release of fertility hormones. There are many natural treatments for stress relief that you can both try home together such as meditation, aromatherapy or music for relaxation.

Quit smoking

Male fertility is often not thought about until later on in life, it should be one of the reasons why any men would take care of their health. When getting their semen analysis and sperm DNA fragmentation tested, smoking is one of the conditions that is revealed as a factor that had produced sub-fertility. The substances that the cigarettes contain are damaging the DNA of the sperm which can also affect the health of the baby and causes erectile dysfunction. That is why it is recommended that both partners quit smoking at least three months before the conceiving.

Reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol consumed

Another aspect that you should both consider when trying to conceive a baby is to reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol because both of them can produce fertility problems. While caffeine is not necessarily damaging your health when it is consumed with moderation, alcohol can cause problems such as lack of ovulation or irregular periods.

Both you and your partner need to take better care of your health in order to be able to conceive a healthy baby that will fulfill your dream of becoming parents and being a family.

Summer Brownstein