Games for a 5-Month-Old

Small children learn faster through playing which is why you should always make time to play with your baby. When you start a game with your child make sure that the toys you give him are safe and age appropriate, they should be colorful and of different textures, shapes and sizes. The time spent playing with your child is very important because through it she discovers the word which surrounds him.

You do not have to worry about not finding the right game to play with your baby, you can choose traditional games because they never fail. You can choose anything from: pop goes the weasel, peekaboo and little piggy went to the market. A very simple game is that in which you place your baby on your knees and bounce him while you sing, your baby will love it.
According to some specialist the traditional games create a special bond between the parent and the baby and it also helps stimulate its senses, social development and gaining new skills.

According to a child researcher the appropriate toys for a five months old baby are:squeeze toys, musical toys, colorful toys, baby books and measuring spoons.

For your baby’s play time your should also use sensory games. You can help your child developing his sensory system by giving him toys which include naming and exploring different things on it. This type of toys will help your child make the difference between various colors, sounds and textures. Another game which learns the baby the meaning of permanence is peekaboo.

The mirror game is very fun for your baby. All you have to do is take a mirror, place your baby in your lap and let him look in the mirror. You will see that he will start to laugh and make funny faces.

At this age babies are full of energy which means that your playtime should also include some active games. Buy some activity toys because they make the baby use its feet, ears, mouth and hand in one play. They have to be toys resistant because they like to shake and throw them on the floor.

Another active game is roly poly toy which includes sounds effects when they are handled.

These are the games which you can play with you baby of only five month. They are fun for you and the baby and they also help you baby develop different skills.

Summer Brownstein