Foods to Feed an 8-Month-Old Baby with No Teeth

When a baby is 8 months old he starts to be less interested in purees and more interested in solid food. Even though he is so little you do not have many barriers when it comes to food, you can give him almost everything as long as it is chopped in pieces which he can eat. The consistency of the food depends on your baby´s capability to chew them because at these ages they eat with their gums and not their teeth. Establish a consistency with which he fells most comfortable.

The biggest sign that you baby is ready for normal food is when he tries to take the food from your plate. If he shows interest in what you are eating and he tries to grab it than this is a perfect moment to switch to normal food. Another sign which indicates that your baby is ready to eat solid food is when he is able to pick the food up and put it in his mouth.

All parents get scared when they switch to solid food; the reason is that they are afraid that they will choke. In order to prevent that from happening all you have to do is make sure that the food is cut in to pieces which your baby can eat easily, they should be quite small. Let your baby eat on his own because this is the only way he will learn how to feed himself. You can start giving him foods such as: soft fruits, steamed vegetables, cereal and biscuits.

When you are serving your baby a meal do not place a whole lot of food on his table because he will feel overwhelmed and refuse to eat it. Place on his table small amounts of food and add if he asks for more.

Foods which you should avoid going your baby is grapes, candy and hard foods because he will choke with it and you do not want that. You should also avoid foods which contain a lot of salt because it is not good for their health.

Whatever you do don´t eliminate the milk out of your baby´s diet because he still needs it. Combine solid meals with beats milk or formula and you will have a happy and healthy baby.

Summer Brownstein