Foods for a Six-Month-Old Baby

When you think about your baby’s first solid food you imagine vegetable and fruit purees and a cute and memorable mess. If you do not have the time to make your entire baby’s food or if you simply are climbs in the kitchen than you can find a lot healthy and tasty foods on the market. Any mother wants to make a variety of food just to make sure that the baby does not get bored and that he tastes as much dishes as he can. According to specialists babies who are given a large variety of foods will be less picky when it comes to food when they get older.

If you have a six month old baby than you should know that the consistency of the food is very important. It is important because at this age they can only process the food at a certain consistency. According to the manufacturers who produce food for babies there are three stages of puree: there is the thin puree, the thick puree and the puree which has small pieces of food. If you have a six month old baby you can give it thick puree because they have not yet mastered the whole mashing and swallowing process.

When you give your baby food you do not have to give him plain food, you can season it with spices that you have in your home. You can use any spice you want because this way you baby learns different aromas. You can give him spices such as: cumin, paprika and parsley.

A first food which parents used to avoid giving their babies is fish. Up to 2008 fish was considered a harmful meat for the baby but as it turns out certain types are not. Specialists advise parents to give their babies fish like: salmon and tilapia. These are the ones which are good because they contain a lot of nutrients which are excellent for the body. What you can do is steam it and puree it along with some spices and vegetables. Your baby will enjoy it.

If you want to expand your baby’s horizon when it comes to fruits you should try giving him sour cherries. All you have to do it remove the pits and puree them until you get the right consistency. As your baby gets older you will be able to give him cherries as finger food.

Summer Brownstein