Foods for a 7-Month-Old Baby

When a baby reaches the age of six months you can start giving him solid food. It is a very interesting period because you will experiment with foods until you find out which food he likes. Since a seven month old baby does not have all of its teeth in his mouth than you need to puree most of the food. You should mix the mashed food with breast milk just to make the transition smoother.

Cereals for babies is usually the first solid food given to people. The cereal must be mixed with breast milk or formula an with a little bit of water. The cereal are made of rice or flakes of oats which means that in contact with liquid they become mushy. Another alternative are cookies for babies which get mushy when they get in contact with the baby’s saliva.

The diet of your seven month old baby should consist mostly of milk, weather it is breast milk or formula. The specialists recommend that mothers to keep milk in the babies diet just so he can make the transition easier from breast milk to solid food.

Giving your baby fruits and vegetables is also very important. Purees made at home or from a jar are the main items that your baby can eat in this period of its life. As a mother you can start giving your baby fruits and vegetables from six month but you can expand your options only when the child reaches seven months. It is recommended that you introduce fruits and vegetables into your baby’s diet one at a time. As they reach eight months you can boil vegetables and just mash them, you do not need to puree them anymore.

Dairy products are not so recommended for a seven moth old baby but you can introduce them into his diet if you please. Do not give him milk, it is not recommended until the baby is one year old. You can give him yoghourt full of fat because it gives him calcium which is good for the bones. Cheese cut into small pieces is also a good dairy product for your infant.

Last but not least we introduce you another food option and that is meat. You can buy it from the market pureed for you or you can buy meat, boil eat and put it in the mixer. In order to make it moist you can add some water or tofu.

Summer Brownstein