Foods for a 4-Month-Old Baby

For a mother who has a four month old baby at home it can be a challenge to figure out what they can and cannot eat at this early stage. There are a lot of people who know things about babies but they all have different opinions which can become confusing. From doctors to parents to experts they all seem to have an opinion on what a baby should eat but how do you know which is the right one.

Breast milk

Breast milk is the most important element in your 4 month old babies feeding. It is vital that you keep giving him breast milk because it contains the right amounts of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water which you baby needs in order to develop right. Your baby will probably need to drink up to 32 oz of milk per day. They are less exposed to allergic reactions that the ones who are bottle fed. It is the ideal food for your baby because it is very easy to digest. There is also a plus when breast feeding, you bond with the baby as any mother should be doing.

Baby formula

If you have a small baby it is vital that you give him milk. When you body cannot provide him with it than you have to resort to formula which can be found in any store or pharmacy. According to specialists the best formula you can give your baby is the ponder one because it has less bacteria and harmful elements in it. If you give your baby formula you will provide him with the right amount of nutrients and vitamins he needs in order to grow healthy and strong. By giving your baby formula you will also be able to save some money and space in your baby’s bag.

Rice cereal

When it is time to give him solid food than you can start by giving him small quantities of rice cereal. They are perfect for the transition period from milk to solid food and milk. Cereal is recommended because you have a less chance of your baby having allergic reaction to them. They also provide the right quantity of iron which your baby’s body needs and it is very easy to mix with breast milk. All you have to do is take a small amount of cereal and mix it with breast milk until you get a smooth consistency.

You will know when you baby is ready to eat solid food as soon as he can stand up with very little support.

Summer Brownstein