DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

We know what you are thinking: it is too early to start planning for Halloween, or is it? In our opinion it is never too early to start planning for Halloween, especially if you plan on making the costumes yourself. So, get your tools ready- canvas, glue, cotton, needles, sewing kit- because we have some amazing baby halloween costumes 2015 ideas. Moreover, the ideas presented below are not meant strictly for Halloween. After all, what mum doesn’t like to dress her baby up whenever the opportunity arises.?

Little Casper

This will probably be one of the most popular baby halloween costumes 2015 idea. This celebration matches with ghosts and Casper – the friendly ghost – is very appropriate. It’s the easiest outfit that you can create for your baby, be it girl or boy.
You only need a sheet or a large pillowcase. They need to be a white, without any print. Measures your baby from head to toe. Then cut the sheet according to the height and size of your baby and identify where the eyes will be. Circle the eye area on the sheet and cut the fabric with scissors. Do the same with the hands. The hole must be made a little below the shoulder. If your baby starts crying or gets scared, just cut out the entire face and not only the eyes area, so your baby can breathe better and stay relaxed.

Dalmatian puppy

You need: 1 piece of black material, one white cloth, one carton, a shirt or white bodysuit, white socks, white cap, two black buttons, black thread and needle, scissors.
We have to make puppy ears, so print on cardboard the puppy ear template, cut out the template, place the black fabric over the white and then the cardboard template over the fabric. Then cut the ear shape. Cut some holes from the black fabric to represent the dots. Sew the two fabrics together, black over white. Now that you have two ears, stitch them on each side of the white cap. Make the puppy eyes, represented by two black dots and the black mouth. Then draw some dalmatian black spots on both the cap and the bodysuit / shirt and socks. The tail may be made of white material wrapped around a rope, with small black spots.

Black cat

You need: black velvet, one aluminum wire, wool, scissors, a black pen, 1 headband, black stockings, black bodysuit, a needle and thread.
First, we have to make the ears of the cat. Print on cardboard the template for the desired cat ears shape. Cut the template for the two ears, place them on the fabric and wrap the fabric around the cardboard ears. If you feel like that’s not enough, you can put more thick layers of cardboard. Sew the ears together, then glue or sew them directly on the headband. Now it’s time to make the tail of the cat. Wrap some fabric on an aluminum wire, so to shape the form of a cat tail. Then wrap the fabric around it, and finally sew it together. You can make a little blow tie of the remaining fabric.

Summer Brownstein