Development of a 4 Month Old Infant

Seeing a baby grow, especially in his first year of life, is something very special and amazing. They grow so fast in their first year of life. At the beginning of their life the sleep very much, they can sleep about 20 hours per day. As they approach their first year of life you are amazed of the progress that your baby has done in just a few months.

It is very exciting to observe the social development of a 4 month of baby. It is basically a smooth transaction from the daily program consisting only in eating, sleeping and crying to a baby which laughs, plays with toys and love to interact with you. At 4 month a baby can reach to grab objects, is very flexible being able to touch its feet with its mouth and also engage in games such as peekaboo.

Usually at four months old parents start building strength in the baby’s legs. They simply take them by the hands and help them stand up thus making the legs get used to the weight of the baby. By this age they also have the ability to roll over and reach out to things. They also have the ability to hold things in their hands.

At the age of four months it is time to introduce into your baby’s diet solid food. Specialists say that this is the most appropriate moment to eliminate breast milk from the baby’s diet, they say that you should start with some cereals made from rice which are destined to small children. On the box of these cereals you will see that there are some instructions on how to prepare them. You have to mix them with breast milk or formula, add a certain quantity of water and mix. If you follow the instructions you will see that your baby will be excited to eat the cereal as it would if your were giving him a bottle.

Since your are going to be happy that your baby eats solid food and that it has started to play your also going to be pleased to find out that as the baby gets older he will sleep longer. All your have to do is set up a sleeping routine so that your baby can know when when it is time for sleep. You can include in that routine bathing, massage and reading a book.

Summer Brownstein