Development of a 2-Month-Old Baby

Everybody knows that babies grow differently and it is a unique process. They grow fast in their first months of their lives bu we still have to pay attention to some elements of behavior in order to make sure that they develop normally. If a baby does not show the specific signs of its age than that may mean it has some emotional or physical problems, most of them can be rectified if they are identified as soon as possible. In this article we are going to present you some specific skills that your baby should have and also the growth patterns specific for a 2 month old baby.

When the baby reaches the age of two months it should weigh around 1 pound more than he did when he was born. It also grows in length about one inch but they can reach up to 1.5 inches. When you take your baby to the pediatrician to see if he is developing normally the doctor will measure and weigh him and compare the data with the average growth charts. The normal weight of a baby girls is of 11.53 pounds while that of a boy is 12.5 pounds. This is not very important however, what is important is that the baby follows a healthy growth in comparison with the weight when he was born.

Babies who are very young enjoy looking at bright colored objects while a baby who has reached 2 months is interested in much more complicated objects, by that we mean more than one or two colors, stripes and patterns.

By the time they reach two months they start recognizing voices such as they voice of its mother and father, they will turn their head to the direction where the sound is coming from and they can get scared if they hear loud noises. If you notice that your baby can not do this things you should take into consideration taking him to the doctor for a hearing test.

His moving abilities start to improve giving them the possibility to do things such as: moving from side to side, moving his arms and legs and lifting his head up while sitting on his stomach. They will also start to do adorable things such as smiling and hold their arms up when a person leans to pick him up. At they age of two month they prefer to be surrounded by familiar people but they can get accustomed to strangers with no problem.

Summer Brownstein