Common Nursery Decorating Mistakes

A lot of young mothers fantasize about bringing their baby home to a gorgeous nursery. This small baby universe where the baby will spend most of their time needs to be characterized by a serene atmosphere. However, when decorating a nursery, you must consider not only the visual impact, but also the way in which that decor is affecting the baby’s well being. Today, we are going to talk about a few common mistakes that many young mothers make when decorating a nursery.

1. Toxic decor elements

The first step in decorating a nursery is painting the walls. It is essential to use non-toxic, 100% VOC Free paint. You might think that painting the nursery a couple of months before bringing the baby home is sufficient time for toxic vapors to disappear. However, only organic wall paint is suitable for a nursery. Furthermore, the walls are not the only decor elements which can harbor toxins. Brightly colored rugs can be very toxic, especially when the baby starts crawling. Paint toxins can also be found on furniture and other decor elements. For example, a lot of mattresses contain toxins and allergens. Needless to say, an organic mattress is essential for the well being of a child, since they will be spending 10-14 hours per day sleeping. So, look for the 2015 best baby mattress if you want to provide your child with the best care. The 2015 best baby mattress models are made of organic materials and they provide an optimal level of support for the baby. If you are uncertain about the level of toxins harbored by furniture and rugs, make sure to buy these elements in advance and keep the room well ventilated until the baby arrives.

2. Air purifiers

A nursery’s air purity is a controversial subject. For starters, a lot of people claim that an overly pure environment is detrimental to the well being of a baby who needs to come in contact with a certain level of bacteria in order to develop a healthy immunity system. However, if you live in a crowded city, an air purifier is essential, as the baby’s lungs are way to fragile, in order to deal with high levels of pollution. Therefore, if you want to protect your child from pollution, you should check out some air purifier reviews from Nevertheless, be very careful when picking an air purifier as some of these devices can do more harm than good. Try to find an ECO air purifier which uses the air cleansing properties of plants.

3. Dangerous decorations

Baby proofing a home is not just about plugs and drawers but also about safe decorations. As a general rule, in the nursery, it is best to avoid heavy wall decorations. Instead of framed paintings, you should consider lightweight canvas art pieces of wall stickers. Furthermore, the curtains can also be a safety hazard for a crawling baby. make sure that there are no cords and strings hanging low. It is best to use short curtains which only cover the window. Furthermore, the curtains need to be properly fixed. The curtain hardware should be fixed directly on the wall stud.

Summer Brownstein