Cold medicines for a 7 month old baby

When a parent has a seven month old baby with the flue he immediately goes to the doctor to give him the appropriate medicine. When such a small baby shows signs of sickness the first thing a doctor should do is make sure that there is not something serious. If the diagnosis is just a simple cold that you have a couple of med which you can give to your baby.

Identifying the cold

Coughs and flues appear in a seven month’s baby life quite often because his immune system is still developing. They can catch a cold quick if the climate is changed drastically, is you expose your baby to cold weather or through germs in the air. For such a young baby you have to act quickly in order to prevent any complications

Treatments which you can make at home

According to statistics a lot of money is spent every year on cold medicine. Specialists say that using medicine bought from the drug store does not mean that it will go away faster. All you have to do is apply some methods which you can do in the comfort of your home. The first thing you can do is keep your baby near a hot bowl of water with a couple of drops of: peppermint oil, mint and eucalyptus. This will reduce your baby’s coughs.

Nursing as much as possible is also a good idea. If you are taking vitamin c than that will help your baby because it will be transferred through your breast milk. If you are not giving your baby breast milk than you should give him a formula which has a lot of vitamins.

Medications which are safe for the baby

As far as drugs is concerned you can give it a medicine called Baby Vick which is very good if you baby has a running nose or coughs. All you have to do is rub some his back and chest. According to specialists you should not give your baby medicine if you do not have a prescription until they reach 2 years old. However, if your physician recommends medicine for a baby younger than two, and its state becomes even more complicated, then you need to make things right by claiming medical negligence compensation. As a parent, you can make these claims in your child’s name, as its guardians, but you can file for medical negligence compensation for yourselves as well, for the mental and spiritual suffering you went through because your baby was ill.

If you provide your baby a healthy diet full of vitamins than that will help your baby stay healthy and in case they get a cold it will help them fight it. Make sure that he is always dressed appropriate fro the weather and dress him warm if you have an air conditioner in the house.

Summer Brownstein