Calming your crying newborn

At times it may seem that calming your crying newborn is an impossible task because no matter what you try you simply can make him stop. However, worry not as we have some great newborn parenting tips that will help you calm your baby in no time.

Before you do anything you must first ask yourself these following questions:

  • Is he hungry?
  • Is he sick?
  • Does he need his diaper changed?
  • Is he over or under dressed?
  • Is he bored or overstimulated?
  • Is my baby cold or hot?
  • Does he need to be swaddled?

These are some of the question that you should ask yourself when you baby is crying and if possible find the answer and make him stop. Now here are some newborn parenting tips that you can try if your baby starts to cry and you do not know what to do:

  • When your baby is crying take him in your arms and place him near you heart. The sound of your heart will make him feel peaceful, at home.
  • Turn off or dim the light where you baby is at, he may want to get to sleep but he can because the light is too bright.
  • Turn the TV down or off because it can disturb him is he is tired.
  • Give your crying newborn a pacifier or let him suck his thumb, it will calm him down in a second.
  • Another thing that you can do is rock him but make sure that you support his head.
  • It is well known that baths are very relaxing which is why you should try and take one with you baby, it will relax him and make him fall asleep faster.
  • Take him for a walk outside, the fresh air will relax him and make him feel sleepy.
  • You can also try to swaddle him.
  • Rub your crying baby’s back by placing his tummy on your tummy. This always works because your baby feels you near and he feels safe, protected.
  • You can try getting all his clothes of, some baby enjoy it.
  • If you baby is scared of the water when it is time to give him a bath just wrap him in a towel and place him in the water, when you notice that he is more relaxed remove the towel.
  • Do not feed you newborn if he has eaten earlier because this will only make it worse.
  • Whatever you do never shake your baby if he does not stop crying because you will damage its brain.

These are some tips on calming your crying newborn when you feel like you do not know what to do.

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Summer Brownstein