Baby Humidifier Reviews – How to Pick the Best One for Your Child

A low humidity environment is not only very uncomfortable but it can also cause some health problems. Lack of hydration can weaken the body, making it more susceptible to colds and flues. While adults are able to recognize these problems and know how to prevent them, the same cannot be said for babies. If you have small children, a humidifier is a great way to make sure that the air in your home is pure and fresh. They are very useful even if your children are already sick as such devices can relief many cold and flu symptoms. Furthermore, some modern humidifiers even eliminate common microbes therefore they can even prevent children from getting sick. Today we are going to take a look at some baby humidifier reviews in order to find the best one for your children.

  •    What type of humidifier should you buy?

There are two main types of humidifiers: ultrasonic and evaporation. For households with small children, manufacturers recommend using ultrasonic humidifiers which are in no way a hazard for children. Evaporation humidifiers feature a tank of hot water which can cause injuries if it were to be spilled. That is not the case of ultrasonic humidifier which produce mist through high frequency vibrations. Ultrasonic humidifiers can create both warm and cool mist. For households with small children, we recommend using cool mist humidifiers as warm mist can sometimes be very hot and cause burns.

  •    What convince features should you look for?

If you want a top quality humidifier, research baby humidifier reviews and focus on some major convenience features. For starters, look for a humidifier which filters carbon and hard minerals in order to avoid having your furniture covered in a black dust. Furthermore, look for device which eliminate microbes ( the best ones are the ones which use the anti-bacterial properties of silver). Last but not least, some humidifiers even have a medicine dispenser which can be used for evaporative treatments.

  •   How to maintain a humidifier

Hygiene is a matter of critical importance when you have small children in the house, which is why you need to give proper attention to the maintenance of a humidifier. These devices usually require regular cleaning which should never be skipped when you have small children. According to various baby humidifier reviews, the devices should be cleaned every week with a mixture of water and vinegar and should be disinfected with bleach every two weeks.

Summer Brownstein