Baby Bathing

A baby is a huge responsibility and parents should read every helpful piece of advice they can find on the Internet, in order to make sure that their newly born child has everything he/she needs for a healthy development. New moms have a lot of information available on many specialized sites, which compete in teaching them how to care for their newborns. So if you are among those seeking to find out valuable tips on how to give their babies a bath, or when to give them a bath and what products to use, in order not to cause them skin irritation, stick close and read on this article.

You should know that baby bathing should not be a challenge, but a pleasant experience which should allow you to connect with your baby and also keep him/her clean and happy. Luckily, these days, people can learn anything and everything they need regarding baby bathing, thanks to certain tutorials available on various sites which come with complete guidelines on the steps parents should follow, when giving their babies a bath. So this task is not something to worry parents too much. Your little ones will surely enjoy splashing water everywhere and you will wash them without causing them any harm.

Anyway, there are some things you should take into consideration, prior to putting your little one into the bath tub.

The first thing you should consider is to wash your baby after an hour or more, since the last meal. If you put your infant into warm water, right after breastfeeding or formula feeding him/her, you risk having your baby throwing up everything. Another important thing is to check the water’s temperature and you can use a thermometer, which can also come in handy when adjusting water’s temperature. Basically, the ideal water’s temperature for giving a newborn a bath is around 75 degrees F. Your baby will surely cry when you unwrap him/her, but once you put him/her into warm water, she/he will feel comfortable and warmed up.

It is very important to never leave your infant unsupervised, so make sure to always keep a hand on your baby, while she/he is in the bath tub. If you use the family tub for baby bathing, you should be even more attentive to your baby while she/he is the bath, as these bath tubs have slippery surfaces. A good idea would be to purchase a rubber bath mat which can ensure more safety to your child. When washing you little one, avoid using bubble baths, as they can cause irritation to your baby’s skin.

Summer Brownstein