Advantages and Disadvantages of Formula Feeding

When it comes to feeding a newborn, we all know that breastfeeding is the best way to ensure nourishment to infants. You have probably heard the fact that feeding a baby directly from the breast can offer many health benefits both to newborns and new moms. Indeed, usually moms come to experience depression after giving birth to a child and breastfeeding has been proven to help them surpass hard times and mental disorders they can come across from the position of new moms. Moreover, moms who breastfeed have all chances to lose weight, unlike those who use baby formula and can put on extra pounds. Breast milk also ensures the passing from mom to baby of essential nutrients and antibodies that every infant needs, in order to grow and stay healthy.

Unfortunately, many new moms find themselves in the impossibility of feeding their babies with maternal milk due to various causes. In this situation, the best alternative is formula feeding. This feeding method is used to substitute the breast milk and mostly it copies to its content the ingredients existing in human breast milk. So the bottle formula includes adequate minerals, vitamins and nutrients which are similar, if not identical to those existing in maternal milk. The good news is that most babies go well with this feeding alternative and even seem to want nothing else, once they have this substitute for breast milk.

If you wonder why new moms choose formula feeding, rather than breastfeeding, then you should know that most of them have no choice. Actually, there are situations when moms need to follow medical prescriptions and certain treatments, after giving birth by C-section, which doesn’t allow them to breast feed. Babies are known to take from breast milk not just essential nutrients and antibodies, but also toxins or chemicals contained in various processed foods and medications. Thus, when women are under medication or on antibiotics they have to nourish their babies exclusively by formula feeding. However, there are cases when women simply lack maternal milk, which is why they also need to feed their babies from bottles.

This method of feeding a baby has several advantages, among which we need to mention that it gives moms more freedom. A baby can be fed both by moms and dads, when it comes to formula feeding, so this task can be shared with husbands. Moreover, moms can eat and drink whatever they want, without having to worry that their babies will have gas, diarrhea or other related digestive problems.

Summer Brownstein