Activities for Brain Development in an 8-Month-Old

At the age of eight months old your baby becomes very active and very receptive to the world around him. He starts to experience intense movement and curiosity in learning. At this moment in their lives they are more focused on objects than on people. If at the age or six month they were interested in getting to know the people around them now they just want to analyze object. They still depend on their mother or caregiver for all their needs. At this age babies are less random and more purposeful. Because they are in that period of their lives where they start lo learn and explore you need to encourage them through fun games.

The oldest game for children in hide and seek. This game is known by everyone and babies love it. The game helps your child to learn the feeling of permanence. It forces you child to find hidden objects, it motivates them. Since they are very interested in object you can try a little game which involves moving toys out of their reach thus making them stretch and move in order to get to them. You can also learn them new word and the association between them and the object. All you have to do is pick three different toys and hide them, than ask your baby to find a certain object from that group of toys.

Another activity is playing with a purpose. At this age your baby loves to grab thing, place them in their mouths and drop them on the floor. You can use that activity to stimulate your eight month old baby’s brain. You need to learn your child to find a new way of playing with his favorite toys. A very good example is getting a ball and rolling it towards your baby and make them roll it back to you. Another thing you can do is learn your baby new words and sound and you can do that very easily through a toy phone.

Between the age of eight months and three years your baby need to develop some very important skills such as: speaking, listening and understanding. They are capable of learning a part on their own but you will need to stimulate him and encourage him.

These are some of the activities which you should do with your baby of only eight months. It is very important for you to remember that it should be a fun process for you and the baby.

Summer Brownstein