7 month old baby sleeping habits

Since not all babies develop the same then every baby has a different sleeping pattern. According to specialists babies who reach the age of seven month sleep up to 14 hours per day. They may not sleep more during through the nigh but the will sleep for longer periods of time. This is not a needed number of hours of sleep per day your baby will sleep as much as his body needs.

If you have a child which wakes up every night than you need to make some kind of sleeping schedule. If your baby has developed a waking up through the night habit than you know that it is not easy for you nor your family. Most night your baby is probably waking up because it wants something, to eliminate this you have to make some changes in your activities. A good idea is to engage him into a lot of activities during the day. You have to make a routine which will help you baby fall asleep. You can put up a routine which includes bathing, massage, reading a story and finally bed time.

Specialists say that when you start putting up a routine for you baby you should take into consideration his temperament and needs. The routine should start with a bath just like we said earlier because warm water relaxes the baby. We are certain that it will work because this also works for adults.

After you have finished giving your baby a bath apply some lotion on his body thus calming your child even more. It is said that a massage has a very positive effect on the baby’s nervous system. The time you spend doing your baby a massage is also helps bonding time.

Mothers should know that if you let your baby sleep too much or too little it will affect the night time nap. At first you have to experiment with your baby’s program until you have found the right one. If you have a baby who is 7 months it will take longer to adjust to the schedule you are trying to put him on. By the time he settles with your program he will fall asleep when it is supposed to.

These are some sleeping habits which your seven month old baby has. You should take them into consideration and make a program which will benefit both you and the baby.

Summer Brownstein