7 Month Old Baby Sleeping Habits

Not all 7 month old babies have the same sleeping pattern but they do have some points in common. According to specialists babies who are seven months old should sleep about 14 hours per day. Even if they are older that does not mean that they will sleep the whole night, they will sleep for longer periods but that’s about it. The average of hours slept during the night is five hours with the condition that they only have two naps during the day. This is not something exact because babies usually sleep as much as their bodies need.

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Good sleeping habits

If you have a seven month old baby which has made it a habit to wake up in the middle of the night crying than it is time of a change. It is very exhausting and frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night every night because your baby is crying. What they do is wake up and starts screaming and crying, making demands. These activities can be changed if you put up a small routine. A very good advice is to establish a sleeping routine which benefits you and the baby. By doing this you will include in your baby’s normal routine activities which will relax him and make him sleepy.

Baby’s temperament

When you write down a schedule or a routine you should take in to consideration your babies temperament and habits. The basic things which you should include in your babies routine is a warm bath, dressing him in his night outfit, reading him a story or singing him a lullaby and putting him in his crib. If you stick to this routine you will notice after a while that your baby will fall asleep faster and that he will make the difference between day and night.

If you notice that your baby does not want to go to sleep because he is too tense you can try giving him some warm milk or water because this relaxes him and makes him sleepy.

Napping habits

If you have a small baby you should know that if you let him have longer naps during the day it will be very hard for you to put him to sleep at night and that he will wake up several times during the night. If you want to get your baby to sleep more during the night make the day naps shorter.

Summer Brownstein