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Posted On November - 25 - 2011 Comments Off on How to Get an 9-Month-Old Baby to Sleep on His Own

When you have a baby I immediately realize that your life is going to change. In the first few months of his life your whole schedule is going to be upside down because he is the one who will me making it. When your baby reaches nine months old your life starts to get easier and you are able to sleep more during the night. […]

Posted On November - 22 - 2011 Comments Off on Calming your crying newborn

At times it may seem that calming your crying newborn is an impossible task because no matter what you try you simply can make him stop. However, worry not as we have some great newborn parenting tips that will help you calm your baby in no time. Before you do anything you must first ask yourself these following questions: Is he hungry? Is he sick? […]

Posted On November - 7 - 2011 Comments Off on Foods to Feed an 8-Month-Old Baby with No Teeth

When a baby is 8 months old he starts to be less interested in purees and more interested in solid food. Even though he is so little you do not have many barriers when it comes to food, you can give him almost everything as long as it is chopped in pieces which he can eat. The consistency of the food depends on your baby´s […]

Posted On November - 3 - 2011 Comments Off on How Much Should a Two Month Old Eat?

Babies are very fragile during their first month of life which is why mothers should be very attentive and caring. No matter if this is have another baby or if this is your first you should know how to properly feed your baby. There are some steps which are vital that you know because during this early stage you baby is going to need a […]

Posted On November - 2 - 2011 Comments Off on How to Make a Schedule for a 4 Month Old

When you have a baby the first months of its life can be a little hectic mainly because you constantly have to feed him, check up on him, change dippers and guess what your baby wants when he cries in a certain way. In the first months of a baby’s life you have to adjust with your new family member and keep up with the […]

Posted On November - 1 - 2011 Comments Off on Foods for a 4-Month-Old Baby

For a mother who has a four month old baby at home it can be a challenge to figure out what they can and cannot eat at this early stage. There are a lot of people who know things about babies but they all have different opinions which can become confusing. From doctors to parents to experts they all seem to have an opinion on […]